Why Stay at an Oceanfront Cottage?

Choosing to stay at an oceanfront cottage vs. a regular cottage may seem like a no-brainer to some. But others may need a little convincing. If you're wondering why you should stay at an oceanfront cottage in Maine, we have quite a few reasons that are sure to convince you.

Unobstructed Views

It's not often that you'll find completely unobstructed views just outside your bedroom. All of Glenmoor by the Sea's oceanfront cottages have beautiful views of Penobscot Bay which originates from the mouth of Maine's Penobscot River. These views are especially breathtaking in the morning and the evening, which we'll touch on later.

Sunrise & Sunset Views

Who doesn't love a nice sunrise? When you stay at one of our oceanfront cottages, you'll have the privilege of seeing a colorful sunrise right from your deck. Penobscot Bay provides a great open space to see a full sunrise. You may be thinking, "If we see the sunrise, then we won't see a sunset". But that is not necessarily true. Although the sun does not set right in front of you, you're likely to see a "cotton candy sky" as we like to call it. The sky turns from blue to shades of pink, orange, red and purple. It truly is a sight to see!

Private Waterfront Decks

Not only can you take in the wonderful views of the sky, bay and scenery, but you can do it privately! Our oceanfront cottages are each equipped with their own, private decks. You won't have to worry about sharing space when you stay in one of our cottages.

Located Away from Busy Roads

Because of our cottages' proximity to the water, this also means that they are not near the busy road! You won't have to worry about loud cars or people. You'll be left to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Front-Row Seat to Activity

Another benefit of staying at a waterfront cottage is that you have a front-row seat to all of the action going on in the water and on-shore. Penobscot Bay is known as one of the best cruising bays in the world and therefore has quite a bit of water traffic. If you're looking to relax, it's a great idea to hang out on your deck and observe boats/cruises, schooners, and lobstering. You may also get to witness some wildlife including shorebirds and seals.

Newly Updated

Glenmoor by the Sea knows the value of our oceanfront cottages. They are arguably the most popular of our accommodations and the most luxurious. We take pride in the fact that these cottages are updated regularly and are often updated before our other rooms!

Proximity to Fresh Seafood

When you stay in a beach town, you can expect there to be plenty of fresh seafood. This is especially true when you stay in Lincolnville, Maine. There is a significant amount of lobstering that happens in Lincolnville and nearby towns so you can expect the best, freshest lobster around. You'll never struggle to find fresh seafood in Lincolnville.

Health Benefits

Staying at a cottage by the ocean also has numerous health benefits! The ocean has been known to help your health in a few areas:

Increases Serotonin

The sounds and sights of the water have been proven to increase serotonin levels in the body and in turn, make you feel happier.

Good Place for Walking/Exercise

Walking on the beach is good exercise and is known to relax your nerves.

Benefits Skin

Saltwater is great for your skin because it contains minerals like calcium and potassium which can clear up issues. It is also a natural exfoliant.

Helps Respiratory System

Salty air can help increase the quality of the air you breathe and your respiratory system. When you breathe in the salty air, the salt particles are claimed to absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins, from the respiratory system. Advocates say this process breaks up mucus and reduces inflammation, resulting in clearer airways.

Relieves Stress

The calming sounds of the ocean and its waves can help relieve stress or anxiety and allow for relaxation. Here at Glenmoor, we're big fans of relaxation...

Glenmoor by the Sea's Maine Oceanfront Cottages

Glenmoor by the Sea has its name for a reason! Our oceanfront cottages are sure to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. If this wasn't enough to convince you, look into our different cottage options and book your stay with us today!

With questions regarding our oceanfront cottages or any other inquiries, please contact us directly!