Outdoors at Glenmoor

The Maine Climate

Gardening in Maine's four-season climate has always had its challenges. A short growing season and hard winter freeze mean that only the hardiest plants will thrive. Today's changing weather patterns have added another level of unpredictability to an already limited growing season. On the coast of Maine, we are warmer earlier, and few winters see the snowpack many of our heirloom trees and shrubs rely on. Although the days still shorten in September, and a cool October snap set our leafy trees ablaze, the frost seems to come later with each passing year. The midcoast of Maine is reliably zoned 5b, and the Farmers Almanac still recommends heeding the first and last frost dates associated with this. However, most gardeners will tell you that the warming trends have made it possible to plant earlier and grow longer.

The Seasons

Far more interesting than how our season ends, is how it begins, well in advance of our doors opening—in February with seed catalogs, discussion and sketches. Come March we are starting plants under grow lights, and by April we are scouring the local greenhouses for perennials to store in our off-site greenhouse. This is where we start the 25-window boxes, 12-hanging baskets and pots of annuals to be placed around the property later in the spring. As the ground thaws we set to work cleaning out garden beds removing fall leaves and winter stick and stone debris. Next we feed and mulch the shrubs and perennial beds, so that they have both protection and sustenance for the hot summer ahead. As the soil warms Narcissus, Hyacinth, and Tulip emerge, and then the Crabapple and flowering Almond trees provide us with spring's first splashes of color. When the soil is workable we will plant perennials, place annuals and reshape beds. By the first of June, window boxes and baskets are placed and hung around the property. And finally, flowers, herbs and even vegetables that were started under the grow lights in March, then moved to the greenhouse in April, are finally making their way into the ground at Glenmoor. 

Gardening at Glenmoor

Every good gardener knows that no matter how prepared you are, how well you plan or know your plants—Mother Nature always has a few surprises up her sleeves. And indeed every season in the gardens at Glenmoor brings a fresh perspective and a growing appreciation for Maine's ever-changing outdoors.

Guests on our property will tell you that the evolving landscape at Glenmoor by the Sea is as much part of the experience of staying here as our one-of-a-kind breakfast, first-rate facilities, cottages and rooms. Learn more about our inn, access our full blog and read guest testimonials.