Meet our new logo!

Have you noticed anything new around here? That's right, we've unveiled our brand new logo! Behind the scenes, we have been working on this rebrand for months and couldn't be happier to share it with you.

We can't discuss our new branding without a special thanks to those who submitted ideas - Paul Cook & Adventure Advertising and to the team at Chikmedia for bringing it to life.

Glenmoor by the Sea logo 500

The New Logo & Its Meaning

Here at Glenmoor by the Sea, we strongly value tradition, legacy, friendliness, and healing - all of which are shown in our new logo. Here is a breakdown of what each component of the logo represents.

The Sun

The sun represents energy and a fresh start here at Glenmoor by the Sea. We've included the sun because many of our guests feel refreshed and renewed with energy when they visit us. Sunrises over the water are often the source of many great memories as well. Our guests have noted the meaningful moments shared while watching it.

The Waves

The waves represent our home here on the sea. Glenmoor by the Sea's oceanfront cottages act as a comfortable, home away from home for some and a big part of this is our amazing location on the water. The wave caps represent life's ups and downs that we experience. But through the ups and downs, the ocean remains a steady presence and a source for healing.

The Colors

We added brightness to the brand by swapping out the old olive green for a fun golden yellow. This color is not only warm and inviting, but reflects the design choices throughout the property. Yellow also generally symbolizes happiness, positivity, and friendliness - which are all important to your stay at Glenmoor.

Blue is also included in our new logo design because it is representative of loyalty and peace of mind.

Combine the meaning of yellow with the meaning of blue and you have the heart of our Glenmoor team.

The Pieces of the Old Logo

We chose to keep some pieces of the old logo because Glenmoor values tradition and legacy. Carrying over some of the components is a nod to our history that is so important to us.

Glenmoor by the Sea - Camden, Maine

Not only is the sun shining in our new logo, but it's shining at our oceanfront cottages in Camden, Maine. Start planning your trip to Maine by booking with Glenmoor by the Sea. Browse through our accommodations and learn more about us to help make your decision of where to stay near Camden easier.